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Embrace your authentic expression
at work with a style uplift.

Design it to reflect you now.
Outer appearance, inner confidence & enchanting work space.

Style Revival

Why we are looking at work + style together.


You’ve got a style. 


A way you like to dress, speak, do your hair, show up online, spend money, talk to yourself
(I’m including inner dialogue as part of your style revival very intentionally. More on this later).


Maybe you consciously designed it. Maybe it evolved over time.


Your style expresses parts of you.


Over time… you grow.


Confidence, boldness, a deeper awareness of yourself. Changing of priorities, more easefulness, comfort, cosiness.


Parts of your style don’t fit anymore.


Most of the time you tweak around the edges.


A new haircut here, some fave new clothes there. A decision to “start showing up more online” or to embrace sharing more authentically at work.


You make some inner decisions, and your outer world shifts.


A little bit. 


… but how fun would it be to uplift it at once?

To intentionally re-choose your style.

What you love. What it means to be authentically expressed.


And to use changes in your outer appearance to work on your inner confidence.

This is for expressive leaders, coaches, and professionals ready to play with a total style elevation.

Connect with the essence of your own unapologetic expression. Build confidence that it’s you…  and curate an inner & outer reality that you’re quietly (or not so quietly) 
in love with.


This is what Style Revival is about.


Play with your own style to help you lean into authentic expression. For inner confidence.


And honestly… to have some more fun in daily life.


While we are there: let’s take a closer look at “should’s”, patterns, and conditioning.


Around “being professional”, aging, beauty/body/hair standards, what’s considered appropriate, and any other areas that are worth reviewing to consciously let go of.

3 Dimensions of Expressive Style
You Will Play With

Outer expression

  • Clothes, hair, beauty: re-choose it all

  • Curate by work setting (home, office, on-site etc.)

  • Design your daily routine for inner & outer style

Inner confidence

  • Connect with your authentic expression
    (who you are & what you care about)

  • De-condition old thought patterns

Enchanting work space

  • Set-up, lighting & work flow

  • Declutter & design

  • Reflect your essence in your space







What are the goals of Style Revival?

  • Feel a deeper connection with your authentic self & what you like

  • Filter out old items & thoughts that aren’t your vibe anymore

  • Huge energy injection into your daily routine & work life

  • Your inner dialogue gets a little kinder.

  • You find a few more reasons to value your dazzling yourself.

  • Imposter syndrome eases as you connect with your creativity & expression.

  • You finally get around to actually doing a few things on your list: like donating old clothes, fixing your office chair, neatening your space, dropping your fave piece of clothing off at the dry cleaners, buying yourself flowers (or houseplants) etc. etc.

  • You decide exactly when you want to fit in vs. stand out

  • And maybe you decide to f*ck the rules//what’s “normal” & express yourself (even if no one else is doing it)



Here is what’s coming (at least)

Get cozy with your authentic self

Connect with the version of you now that is fully expressed. What you look like, care about, and your inner & outer world.

Mindset shifts for deconditioning old rules about style/beauty/fitting in so you can tap into your unique creativity & deeper desires for your style.

Unblocked self-expression

I’m ready. Style me

Roll your sleeves up (or never do it again) to curate your own style & outer expression at work. Design what comes in new. Review, rechoose or remove.

The green juice cleanse for your inner-critic. To build unshakable confidence and safety expressing yourself.

Inner critic gets a glow-up

Fresh style routine

Design your style & self-care routine from the base up. With special focus on the balance between doing more vs doing less (less time on routines = more time for play).

Surround me in style

Upgrade your physical work space to cultivate your best work & reflect your personal style. Creating for yourself a cozy, creative nook to work from.

Plus guest speakers, exercises, worksheets, style resources + more


This program is a juicy, high-impact activation of your style & unapologetic expression at work.

It will be $888 going forward, which is amazing value for the 6+ modules, q&a sessions, guest speakers, resources + more.

... and we like to celebrate here at Work Well Warriors ;)

so this launch round only - the investment is 60% off.

  • Style Revival

    60% off (value $888)
    Valid for one month
    • 6+ Modules. All live.
    • Live Q&A + coaching
    • Lifetime access to recordings
    • Worksheets, checklists, style resources + more
    • BONUS: guest speakers
  • Style Revival - VIP

    Total value $3300+. Everything in Style Revival PLUS...
    Valid for 3 months
    • Overhaul your style with 1:1 support
    • 1 x assessment on unique strengths, abilities & growth areas
    • 1 x 90 min debrief (value $970)
    • 2 x additional 90 min sessions (value $1500)
    • Private 1:1 chat during Style Revival (value $500)
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An Important Note

These lessons are all from my lived experience as an able, white woman growing up in a position of privilege. I know that not everyone has the benefits that I do, especially when it comes to perceptions of professionalism, beauty/style standards, and grooming. For example, people of colour have been systematically repressed from wearing their hair in natural styles [learn more about hair discrimination in this beautiful post by Trisha Opolot].

I acknowledge this with frustration and a desire to be part of the solution.
Our narratives around style, beauty, and professionalism are starting to change. Slowly. And these changes disproportionately benefit knowledge workers, specific industries & people who often have already experienced compound privilege. Myself in this category.

So I share from my own experience, but I would love to hear yours too. And if there are ways I can improve how I understand & speak about style to be inclusive of everyones’ experience, please share feedback with me directly [here is my email].

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