5+ ideas to update & create a nourishing work space

Updated: Jun 29

You give a lot of yourself to work.

You deserve to work in a space that delights you.

So often we are so busy rushing we don't take a moment to enjoy our space. Let alone refresh it.

Here are 5+ ideas that you can use straight away to create a more nourishing, playful, enjoyable work space.

If you love getting support & accountability to actually make shifts - this is what we are doing in Style Revival. Updating your work space & style to reflect you now.

I will be doing it along with you - not only adding to our space, but intentionally nourishing it by decluttering, taking out old & bringing in new energy.

Join us for Style Revival.

Note: these have a home office flavour. But I'm considering doing an office edition - small things you can bring/keep in your locker to add style & nourishment for your office days. Interested? Send me a message @workwellwarriors.

SIGHT: add new light sources.

  • There are 3 most common lighting sources in our work spaces: sunlight, ceiling lights, and your computer/monitor ;)

  • To add coziness: try a new desk lamp, salt lamp, a playful neon sign. Something that reflects your style & brings you a little moment of delight when you turn it on.

  • To add focus: floor lamp that diffuses cool(er) light & brightens your whole work area. Move desk nearer a window.

SCENT: indulge with yummy, smelly things.

  • Candles are #1 recommendation here. They add the bonus of soft lighting, too. Just remember... they can smell pretty sitting there. But they are most glorious when lit. I'm notorious for having a candle sit there but never get around to lighting it. I finally changed this by putting a small lighter in my desk cupboard.

  • Room mist or facial mists. New to this bandwagon, but I'm loving having a burst of cool mist on my face to start the work day (also hits the touch sense). My current fave is white sage & lavender.

TOUCH: bring in new textures.

  • Take in your current space and consider how you could add more textures into the space.

  • Bigger pieces: Rug under your feet, throw for your legs, a textured finish for your desk, a luxurious office chair.

  • Small additions: Add objects you can touch. I love having a things nearby to play with: a few crystals or acupressure finger rings ($6 for 10. Hard to go wrong).

  • I'm obsessed with (faux!) mink at the moment. It feels so luxurious. So I've added a throw + sitting in my lap is a heat pack that feels like mink & smells like lavender. Divine.

SOUND: add an ambiance to your space.

  • Curate a new work playlist. Maybe you enjoy low-fi, but want to try jazz or video game music (here is a guide for 8 different types of music to work to).

  • Reduce noise distractions. Everyone's situation is different. Is there 1 thing you can do to reduce external noise?

  • Mix up between a speaker & headphones. If your space permits, using an external speaker & quality sound can bathe your senses while you work.

TASTE: curate what you love.

  • It's very easy to lock into a routine, grab a quick drink/coffee during work before getting straight back into it. But you can re-engage & delight your tastebuds by bringing in intentionality. Take a few extra minutes to prepare.

  • Curate a hot beverage selection: experiment with new teas, flavours, milks.

  • Try: fresh mint leaves + hot water, rooibos & vanilla (I love a dash of milk), green tea with jasmine.

  • A bit of extra effort but so worth it: homemade sticky chai (brewed hot with local honey), cacao elixir (cacao, coconut milk, honey, then goodies like maca, ashwagandha)

  • Add a section to your fridge for delicious, refreshing beverages. I'm currently loving having a stash of coconut water, sparkling water & kombucha.

  • Bonus points: select your favourite cups & mugs. Make it special.

BONUS - 6th sense ;)

INTUITION: use cues in your space to get your subconscious working

  • Put up a question that you are pondering. Could be a whiteboard, a post-it. Or my personal favourite is small study cards.

  • Write intentions for the week, or what old thoughts you are focusing on reframing.

These are just a few of the ideas we will be playing with in Style Revival.

What I'm excited about is you will refresh right from the inspo stage - gathering fresh ideas of how you want your space to look/feel/support you.

Then integrating - making changes in your space, getting feedback, sharing ideas with the fiery group.

Update your work space with us.

What I also want you to see is that changes don't have to cost huge $$.

Even a few small changes to your space can bring you fresh energy, interest, and delight.

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