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3 lessons about life from 1 year building a business

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Original post on LinkedIn.


Today is the day. 12 months ago, we registered the business name "Work Well Warriors".

It was nothing more than an idea to help serve people + grow my impact in a much bigger way.

It has grown through 6 programs, 60+ amazing people, 3 team members... and the movement.

Doing work & life on your terms.

There has been more joy, more tears, and more aliveness in the last 12 months than ever before.

I have worked less hours, hustled less, produced so much more. Had more time for my wellbeing & growth than ever before by making them my #1 priority.

And cried. A lot.

Finding my own definition of work & life on my terms. And helping you find yours ✨

Here are 3 lessons about life I have learnt from 1 year building a business.

1. You never feel fully “ready” for the big things.

  • What you learn is how to back yourself.

  • What you build is trust in yourself.

I didn't leap in with no plan B. This is a myth I want to bust about "starting your own thing". Yes, you can make that kind of leap. But you can also go slower.

You can explore, experiment, test. The way I approached this year was as one big experiment to learn if I could back myself. And to do hard things.

This can be starting a business. Or changing jobs. Making a move overseas. Back home. Setting boundaries at work & sticking with them.

Finding new ways to do your job that feel fun.

When we experiment with following our intuition & desires, that is how we build that trust with ourselves.

And it makes it more fun, less pressure.

2. Read your own patterns & know how to get yourself what you need.

  • Rather than always trying to “push” yourself.

  • Allowing yourself to be supported & caught by people around you.

  • Ask for what you need.

I won't lie, I find this one really difficult. 🙋♀️

But this year showed me exactly the pattern to heal.

My old way was that when things got stressful, overwhelming, too much... I would stress-push my way through. Grit my teeth, probably have a cry, and get on with it.

But it didn't feel good. And it was the same pattern that led me to burnout.

(Side note: doing what is “expected” of us is burning us out. And we are burnt out. Many, many conversations I've had this year are that old patterns at work are no longer vibing)

Learn to check in with your body. To articulate your needs.

The superpower here to collapse time & make things happen faster… allowing yourself to be supported.

That support might be time alone, podcasts, friends, mentors, colleagues.

More professional help like psychologists & coaches.

This year I've worked with a holistic psychologist, in masterminds, 2 x 1:1 coaches, and 3 x group coaching programs.

These $$$ investments pay back to me SO much. In the literal sense of supporting my business growth. But even more so in the support & unblocking they help me with.

I have made huge leaps here AND I'm still actively working on this one. Allowing myself to be held by others.

But it. feels. goooooooood.

3. Shift what we expect of ourselves.

  • Set boundaries. Do less. Celebrate what we do get done.

  • Allowing emotions to take up space.

  • Bring in play & pleasure.

You might have always been a "yes" person & take on projects. I had an amazing conversation with one of our Dial In peeps & they are RELISHING the experience of saying no to extra-role tasks. Using that to explore interests in mental health instead. That is their version of work on their terms.

I have experimented with lots of different ways of working this year. Some ones that have stuck have been: doing less. Giving myself the gift of focus. Asking for help.

And investing. 10-20% of time I spend on my business is time coaching myself, allowing myself to feel emotions, or resetting to prime my state.

I take a lot of naps and have a lot of dance parties. 💃

These help me show up in work & in life.

A few extras I couldn't resist adding in...

  • Expansion & seeing others do something is another shortcut to following through & doing new / hard things.

  • We can change our life at the rate our body & mind can tolerate. This is a muscle you can strengthen.

  • I’m a full-on cryer & I’m going to stop apologising for that taking up space.

  • Play, play, play some more.

  • Create your own picture of a rich, vivid life.

Final thoughts... find your people 💚

If you are feeling called to create something new next year, I can't speak highly enough of getting support & community.

That is what got me through so much of the uncertainty in the early months, and helped remind me it is powerful and special to create in our lives.

It might be working with a psychologist, a coach, pottery class, leadership training... french lessons 😂

It might be joining one of our Work Well Warriors programs.

  • Dial In if you are looking to reset how you work without the hustle & always on culture.

  • On Your Terms for growth-focused humans ready to create a new direction that is work & life on your terms. With more fun, play, possiblity, and growth.

This journey of doing work & life on our terms... it feels like we are just starting.

2021 was the invitation to reflect on whether life is going where you actually want.

I can't wait to celebrate & move through 2022 with you.

Big hugs

💚 Steph

What have been your biggest lessons from 2021? 💬

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