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On Your Terms

signature 12 week program

Create your clear direction for work & life on your terms.
Then relax into the growth and the journey.
Experiment & play as you move towards it.

Read or watch! 

A reminder…

You are such a badass. Our brains are so cool they can literally bend reality.

You can do work & life on your terms. Whatever that looks like to you.

You also aren’t behind. You aren’t doing anything wrong now.

You just get to choose what comes next.

You can have fun. You can trust yourself.

Let’s experiment. Together!

  • Creating the space to step outside of your daily routine and reflect.

  • Getting expanded and play with possibilities about what work & life on your terms means to you.

  • ​Landing in structure & milestones that feel nourishing and supportive.

  • Then stepping back into your daily routine and experiment with making it happen.

  • ​It will be stretchy, exciting, challenging, and a good bit of fun.

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Okay, so what is On Your Terms about?



When is the time to join On Your Terms?

This program is designed to support you through inflection points. To navigate deep reflection and growth. For when you’re feeling that restlessness & energy to step into something new. 

Good times to join...

  • Life is pretty good. But you're ready for your next challenge. A stretch. You're ready for clarity around what's next.

  • You’re feeling busy. Rushed. You have some ideas, but they feel far away. There’s no time to think about the big picture.

  • You’re rising from the ashes. It might be burnout, a relationship ending, grief, quitting a job… whatever it is, big changes are happening. You want to consciously choose your next direction.

This is for you if:

  • You’re craving focused time and encouragement to look at how you’re doing life at the moment.

  • You aren’t just in it to achieve goals. It is who you get to become and how you grow on the journey.

  • You know the power of going deep with community. That the people around us activate and inspire us to dream cool things we wouldn’t otherwise. And they help us keep moving through our sh*t that comes up.

  • You're ready to feed other parts of you - outside of just work. Wellbeing, growth, pleasure, play, connection.

  • You might have a hard time picturing what else a career / work could look like outside of your current setup.

  • You want to set up something that is balanced and honours your rhythms.

  • You put off, procrastinate, avoid, or are uncertain about getting things onto paper about the direction you want to go (this is 100% me, says Steph)

  • You care.  About People. Growth. Impact. Freedom. Compassion. Play. Love. Vulnerability. Helping yourself so you can help others.

This is not for you if:

  • You need the step-by-step plan in order to start.

  • You want a career coach. While people do get direction around work as part of this program, our focus is on the WHOLE picture. The structure & possibilities of doing work & life on your terms.

  • You're stuck or feeling trapped in a really negative spiral. You aren’t feeling a lot of hope at the moment. If this is where you are at… firstly, sending a hug. You are carrying a lot, and I see you. Professional support with a psychologist or counsellor here is incredible and is my #1 recommendation. 

Feeling the pull? Excitingggggg.

Let’s talk to your structure-loving brain.

At the end of 12 weeks, you will:

  • Create your clear direction for work & life on your terms. With the structure of 1 year and 3 year milestones..

  • Grow & expand your possibilities by connecting with other people on the same journey.

  • Unblock around what you desire to create in your life.

  • Build trust with yourself to grow and move towards it.

  • Shift away from the mindset “I have to be available between 9 - 5”. 

  • Have space to be creative, add value, and really make an impact with your work.

  • ​Permission to prioritise yourself, and to realise it is ok to seek & experience pleasure.

  • Permission to step away from "busy" "confused" and other stories that you feel don't fit anymore. To slow down and be.

  • Healthy work & personal boundaries. Creating daily practices that work for you. Working more effectively, not harder.

  • An amazing network of fellow growth-focused humans. Who knows, possibly future colleagues and business partners 😉

The 6 pillars - work & life on your terms

Yay, fun! We don’t just look at one or two angles. We go deep across six. 

Tapping into our deeper subconscious wants, rather than simply what we have previously believed is "possible" for us. 


We dive into:


Not just your career or work now, but the way you use your time to make an impact and contribution in the world.


What kind of money you want to make, and what kind of financial success and abundance are you wanting to unlock for yourself.


Mental, physical, spiritual - your sense of vitality and energy and really feeling like you're in love with your life.


Work relationships, personal relationships, pet parents... how we connect and meet our really human desire and human needs to have meaningful connections.


Experiences, physical space, beauty... the things you want in life for the pure joy and pleasure of them (Steph’s favourite pillar!)


Who do you want to be, how can you continue to grow and evolve, how do you want to feel about yourself.

The 12 week journey together:

In tactics weeks we will cover:


Yes, this is an investment. In you. In your growth. In your soon-to-be clear and fun future direction.


You will do some awesome things during the program. Some will be tangible things you see in your life like a shift in your routine, boundaries at work, a new wellbeing goal.

But this program is also about the energy. Of play. Of experimentation. Of what gets to happen when you have clear direction about what work & life on your terms means to you.


And doing it all in a community of other growth-focused humans also doing this work. Having the same conversation, a shared language, and the cool opportunities that come from hearing examples from others as they experiment with their own work & life design.

Week 1: Immerse & Create

  •  Step outside of your day-to-day to reflect.

  •  This is the activation energy & fun exploration to create what work & life on your terms means to you.

  •  Land in structure & safety with 1 year and 3 year milestones.

Week 2 - 12: Experiment & Do The Things

  •  Take this expanded & exciting direction back into your life.

  •  Stay with your community for the next 11 weeks as you start playing and experimenting with actually doing the things.

  •  Vision weeks.

  •  Goals & visions left in a book somewhere are the worst. Let’s not do this.

  •  Keep coming back to what work & life on your terms means to you.

  •  In vision weeks we go through exercises together so you can get energy, clarity, and a deeper and deeper sense of connection with what you are creating.

  •  Tactic weeks.

  •  Fun visions are great and all… but practically what can I shift in my day-to-day? And how can I hold the bigger vision when it doesn't match my current reality?

  •  Warrior’s guide to sustain shifts & build habits

  •  Designing your daily routine

  •  Managing your thoughts with self-coaching

  •  Intuition practices: including meditation + listening to your body

  •  Boundaries with time and energy. Learning how to say no and change things that aren't in alignment. 

  •  Tasks & time: including how to manage your brain + resistance

  •  Integration weeks.

  •  *Exhale*

  •  We have weeks without coaching or content. Very deliberately.

  •  This is to give you space to breathe. To integrate. To be a human that has other things happening in your life outside of the program (I know, I know, hard to imagine right?)

  •  This program is designed so you have space to play and DO the things. Not just get overwhelmed with a bunch of content.




Including GST. Price in AUD

1:1 work & life design intensive where you create your clear direction of work & life on your terms.

12 weeks of high-touch support to experiment & play with taking action.

5 x 90 minute workshops on tactics. These give you structure and tools that you can experiment with and start applying straight away.

3 x 90 minute vision weeks. These give you the energy, clarity, and deeper connection with what you are creating.

Worksheets + tools to deepen the work & get you achieving results

Go deeper in smaller groups for even more connection & accountability.




Including GST. Price in AUD

Same as Classic, plus:

4 night all-inclusive retreat to go really deep into each dimension of work & life on your terms (replacing the virtual immersion)

You show up, and we take care of the rest.
Stunning environment, nourishing food, close community.

3 x 1:1 coaching deep dive sessions with Steph where we work through your direction, mindset blocks, tactics & strategy. 

Small, intimate group. Limited spots available.

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