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Life Coach for millennials creating a balanced, pleasure-filled life by releasing control, expectations, and "shoulds".

SMonday Medicine

Start your week with good vibe and intention. Come in your PJs, or your camera off.

A 30 minute 
FREE online session every week to set your week up with good vibes & good people. Clearing out from last week, with guided visualisation, and setting intentions for the week.

Avoidance Dance Worksheet

A FREE worksheet to help you dance your way out to procrastination, indecision, numbing, overwhelm, people-pleasing, doom-scrolling, and any of your other avoidant activities.

1:1 Discovery + Desires Call

Dreamy 11.png

If you’re feeling called to a “big” leap like starting a biz, quitting your job, making pleasure part of DAILY life. If you’re craving clarity on your desires and what you actually want…

In 30 mins we will map out what your desires + leaps could be, and the pathways for making it easier, faster, more pleasure-filled, and fulfilling. Without needing to defer or delay for years (which is how we are conditioned).

This call is
FREE. I’ll share how coaching can help you collapse the time. There also isn’t pressure to continue working together. It needs to feel aligned for both of us.

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