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Life Coach for millennials creating a balanced, pleasure-filled life by releasing control, expectations, and "shoulds".

SMonday Medicine

Start your week with good vibe and intention. Come in your PJs, or your camera off.

A 30 minute 
FREE online session every week to set your week up with good vibes & good people. Clearing out from last week, with guided visualisation, and setting intentions for the week.

Avoidance Dance Worksheet

A FREE worksheet to help you dance your way out to procrastination, indecision, numbing, overwhelm, people-pleasing, doom-scrolling, and any of your other avoidant activities.

Dreamy 11 (1).png

Dreamy 1:1 Coaching

3 months of coaching with Steph to build your capacity, self-trust, power, pleasure & play.

Book a call to vibe it out.

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Steph's Newsletter

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