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Our Invitations 

for you

You deserve to invest in yourself and design how you work.
How you design your life.
On your terms.

If the word "deserve" is edgy for you. Good. 😉

Maybe you have been "shlepping" along.

Feeling more reactive to your life than designing it. You are ready.

Or if you have a passion and a vision for something different but need the nudge to back yourself.

We got you!


And you've got you. 

You are your safest investment.


When you commit to yourself that is when activation happens.

That is when momentum happens. 


Here are your invitations to access the support, clarity, community and energy
to fuel your commitment to doing work & life on your terms.


P.S. We also really like fun & play. Like, who doesn't?

Work Well 1:1 Sprint

Work Well 1:1 Sprint

6 week 1:1 Sprint

​Experiment with creating the
work experience that you’re craving.

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On Your Terms
On Your Terms.jpg

On Your Terms

signature 12 week program

For the growth-focused person who is here to be ambitious. Finding your path. Setting the practices that sustain your energy. Mentally clearing out murkiness and indecision. Doing work & life on your terms.


Luxe Retreat


Truly step outside your everyday.
Dive deep into crafting your work & life design so you can experiment and play with what it means to do work & life on your terms.

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