Experiment with

creating the

work experience

that you’re craving

in this 1:1 sprint.

Maybe it's the balance & energy you claim back by making your needs a consistent priority.

Or how it gets so much easier to follow through on the important & impactful sh*t you care about
(even when there isn't external pressure)

Creating time in your week and investing in back into your growth. Your relationships. Your wellbeing. Really great naps.

Let's get you closer to how you want to experience work.

For many I’ve worked with, seeing tangible shifts straight away in your work is like a breath of air, an energy injection, a friction-releaser. 

What sits underneath though is the momentum-building, pattern-interrupting steps towards a new work paradigm.

One where you choose the importance/priority/energy that work gets.

And you let that flex to suit your life.


Where your confidence builds alongside your belief that you can do
work on your terms. And you’re figuring out what that is for you.

Steph, Ash, Nick.jpg

This is about

making work shifts simpler

for you. Getting unstuck.

Momentum builds.

If you have part of your work life that you know needs attention...

It’s causing friction... You’re craving the support & structure to make this easier...

I designed this for you.

An opportunity to spend 6 weeks working with me.

Disrupting and expanding this part of your work life.

Experimenting with following through in a way that feels energising.

Then using this momentum to just maybe make this your first next step in your journey of doing work (and life) on your terms.


Meet Steph Brien

I'm Steph, your coach and fellow work & life designer.

My own biggest work shift has been so life doesn’t feel on “hold” anymore. 

I'm not waiting anymore for the constraints of work to give me a few days here and there to try and live a rich, expansive, life. This is designed into my every day, week & year.


In my first corporate job I bought all my energy, passion, enthusiasm, possibilities… and ended up burning out in my early 20s.

Most people around me had work as #1 priority. Chronic stress, busyness, burnout or disengagement are all part of what we accept as the "norm" at work.

My journey of experimenting on the edges has expanded everything. Work gives me more energy, creativity, impact and balance than I’ve ever felt. 

I now hold retreats, programs, workshops and coaching to help people put down the conditioning of how work & life “should” be and create it on your terms. I'm excited that we will potentially work together!

Work shifts you might choose

for our 6 weeks


I chose these examples because they are all specific results I’ve created in my own work life.

I’ve felt the restriction, burnout, energy drain of being stuck in work patterns that didn’t suit me.

I learnt how to coach myself through it, and don’t think twice about most of them anymore. They’re just part of how I do work on my terms.

They’re also some of the most common themes I’ve seen coming up in 2022. Working with 150+ people in the last 18 months in our workshops, programs, and 1:1 coaching.


Your needs & goals as
#1 priority

  • If you're recovering from burnout//people-pleasing//pushed work boundaries...

  • This is about having the space & support to make yourself a priority again... and figuring out what that looks like in your own work/life context.

  • What you’ll do: establish new patterns for work that (re)prioritise your own needs, goals, boundaries, self-care (spending time figuring out what those are). You’ll still do good work, but you’ll focus on unsubscribing from ways you've over-sacrificed in the past: your time, energy & your wellbeing. 

Here’s what you can expect:

Your commitment is a 1-hour kickoff, 30 mins of coaching a week, and 15 mins/day to take focused action.

  • You’ll get 1:1 coaching with me. We’ll focus on bringing in experimentation as you explore how to make this shift in your work life.

  • We’ll make taking action simpler & easier. Working through blocks when they arise with tools, support & accountability.

  • We’ll do this by meeting weekly for 6 weeks. These cut-through coaching sessions help you easily get unstuck & keep building momentum.

  • During the rest of the week you’ll commit 💍15 mins a day for actions, tactics to try, and maintaining your own momentum.

  • We’ll also do casual check-ins during the week to keep you honest. You really have me in your corner.

  • You’ll keep this focus for 6 weeks, seeing through this work shift.

I have designed this so you can intentionally disrupt your current work patterns//rut//routine.

Build confidence by seeing
tangible shifts in your work life. 

So you can feel momentum

Not just this shift, but in what it means to create your own definition of work on your terms.


Designing how you do life.

That’s what I’m passionate about - helping growth-focused, heart-led professionals like you to unblock how work & life “should” be and design it on your terms.

This sprint is really about you transforming & elevating your work life with me in your corner. Working with you 1:1 to collapse time, bring in the energy of experimentation, and create a new work experience so you can start doing work on your terms.


Closing your Intention > Action Gap

If you’re anything like me...

You're very open to new ideas & concepts to improve how you work.

You love the idea of designing your work. Doing it on your terms. Feeling free to

flex your time, do your best work, and sign-off at the end of your day with energy left. 

But it doesn't quite land. Somewhere you get stuck in the intention > action gap.

Or maybe you’ve been feeling disengaged, bored, unmotivated with your work. 

You’re not enjoying it, but you also haven’t felt entirely comfortable to put work on auto-pilot.  You'd love to consciously re-direct your energy and plug in to other parts of your life that excite, intrigue, energise you.

Overall... you know there are parts of how you work that need disrupting.

Yet this doesn’t always translate into shifts. 

That’s what we will do together. Systematically find the points of friction in your work life and

actually see through the changes. So that it fits for YOU.

The formula we use together over our 6 weeks combines the desire of how you want to work with belief + tactics + reinforcement to see it through.

Now... you could wait. Inaction is pretty easy. Work & life will keep up their demands.

…but what if you didn’t wait? What if you decided this is your first next step?

I often ask in my clients this: if you take action now… what could be different a year from now? 

Maybe it is the compound effects of this small investment of time//money//effort and your work gets better.

Maybe it’s your first next step in a new work paradigm. One where you choose the importance/priority/energy that work gets. And you let that flex to suit your life. Where your confidence builds alongside a strengthening belief that you can do work on your terms.

And you’re figuring out what that is for you.

Maybe these 6 weeks change everything. Are you ready to step in?


Limited VIP Launch



Including GST. Price in AUD

Pre-kickoff reflection + preparation exercise

1 x kick-off call, 60 mins

5 x weekly coaching calls, 30 mins

Mid-week support + check-ins

Worksheets, exercises, tactics to implement

BONUS: Library of 50+ tactics & other bonus resources to start shifting how you work.

(payment plans available)

VIP launch - What's included

VIP launch - my guarantee to you.

Although our policy is no refunds, I want you to find this 1:1 coaching sprint exceptionally valuable and truly life-changing, just as it has been for my previous clients. 

So, as a special guarantee for the first few people who join, there is a refund exception (limited time). If after our first session, you feel this is not for you, please email us at team@workwellwarriors.com within 48 hours of your session and we will process your refund.

I haven’t offered this kind of guarantee before, and may not again. However I really want to reduce barriers and work closely with people who are willing to do the work and experience a significant shift in your work life.

So this guarantee makes it a risk-free investment.

If you feel it isn’t for you after one session, and notify us within 48 hours, you will receive 100% refund.


Kick off your

6 week 1:1


When you click “Join Now” you will be taken to the payment link.


Once you complete payment, you will receive the booking link to schedule your first session. You can also preview availability here.


If you don't find a time immediately that suits, email us and we will arrange with you.

P.S - A quick recap for those in a rush ...

  • Your work design and the role of work in your life impacts your whole experience of work & life.

  • Learning how to experiment with work shifts like crafting your work-week, making your needs a consistent priority, design how you work, and following through can help you truly start to transform and do work on your terms.

  • I learnt how to create more fulfilling, energising & expansive work after experiencing burnout myself, studying & teaching on human behaviour at work at university. Then working with 150+ people through our workshops, programs & retreats to creat juicy, fulfilling work & life designs.

  • My 1:1 sprint is designed so you can see significant changes straight away by experimenting, designing a better work context, developing healthier habits and making the critical changes in your unique situation to shift your work life.

  • For VIP launch - special risk-free guarantee. If you feel it isn’t for you after one session, notify us within 48 hours to receive 100% refund.