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Primed: Masterclass by Work Well Warriors
Primed: Masterclass by Work Well Warriors

Wed, 23 Feb


Virtual. Tues 22 Feb 7pm CST

Primed: Masterclass by Work Well Warriors

Exploring how to use peak states of flow, productivity, ease & access your best work

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23 Feb 2022, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm AEDT

Virtual. Tues 22 Feb 7pm CST

All the goodness

For growth-focused people & leaders ready to drop into your deeper states where work is more intriguing & impactful.

When you manage your time, you get more done. 

When you manage your state, you unlock a different experience of workkkkkkk. 🙌

It feels like:

the buzzy creativity of a flow state. 

the richness of connection from an empathetic state.

the quiet switch-off in an easeful state.

the effortless creativity when we are feeling playful & relaxed.

The key is knowing how to drop into these states more intentionally. 

And honestly... just making it a damn priority. Making time to prime your state during your work day.

You will be more "productive". You will do better on tasks coming from a more inspired and easeful state. All that good stuff.

But also because it feels GOOD to work & create from a peak state. 

To ENJOY the specific tasks you are doing at work.

So I created this training for you to tap into your own peak states. Sharing what we offer with our clients who are using work design to cultivate their specific picture of work on their terms.

Core pillars we cover:

  • How your best work is influenced by your physiological state
  • Most common blocks for accessing peak states on the regular
  • Reading your own cues for a state-change
  • Tactics for accessing juicy peak states in a regular & predictable way

Big hugs, can't wait to see you there

xx Steph 

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