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On Your Terms: Mastermind
On Your Terms: Mastermind

Wed, 14 Dec



On Your Terms: Mastermind

🔥 FREE + fiery Work Well Warriors community session 🔥 Doing work & life on your terms. Connect with other kickass peers & get mutual support.

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14 Dec 2022, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm AEDT


All the goodness

A lil' backstory...

Sitting in a packed auditorium, 4 of us turned huddling our chairs into a tight circle...

in a pre WWI converted power station a stone's throw from the medieval heart of Tallinn, Estonia...

I experienced my first mastermind. 


I felt heard. I felt part of a community. I got new perspectives. I really showed up for my group. 

It was so nice to feel I wasn't doing it alone.

[As you can imagine there is WAY more to that story. Age 25 & 12 months into a role I did take a sabbatical. No, they aren't just for retiring teachers 😉]

So whaaat is a mastermind...

A mastermind (run like this) is a special & specific format for connecting with a group. 

You are all there to mutually help, to share challenges or questions. To puzzle it out together & get input.

Knowing you're in this with us & we are all figuring out this work/life design thing 🙌💚

This is NOT a group coaching session, where you have a lead coach/facilitator running the discussion. 

I will be providing the structure & ground rules upfront so everything goes smoothly.

Setting you up for the juiciest connections and insights.

But this mastermind will feel like an informal chat.

What is the topic ...

Whatever you need. Supporting you to craft your most expansive, exciting, interesting, kickass work & life design. 

That might be work challenges//designing for balance//setting boundaries//refocusing on wellbeing//quitting//crafting something entirely new.

You also don't need to have a question/challenge in mind. 

Come along. Connect & help others.

You might get inspired. 😉

It will run like this...

  • Intro from me sharing how the mastermind works
  • Break into small groups 3-4 people [70% of the session]
  • Quick intros to each other
  • Each person shares something they are stuck on & gets input from the group
  • Wrap up
  • Extra 10 mins for anyone who wants to stay on & get some juicy updates!

Why is it FREE ...

Work Well Warriors is a community about doing work & life on your terms (& figuring out what that is).

It has been on my heart since starting this business to find a really accessible way to bring this community together.

Many masterminds cost $$ thousands. It is honestly priceless to connect with people who are working through similar challenges & experiences.

If you know me well, then you know I love to experiment. 

So I want to try this format out. 

If you love it, then I want to continue creating a space where you can bring your work/life questions & get support from other growth-focused, deeply caring, extraordinary Warriors.

I'm also thinking a Slack channel? Keen for your thoughts.

If you've got any q's the team & I are here to help. 

Reach out to us wherever you like to chat: 

email | Stephanie Brien on  Linkedin | @workwellwarriors on Instagram / Tiktok.

Can't wait to see you there 💚


-------- Some quick FAQs -----------

Do I need to have joined a Work Well Warriors event before?

No. This is open to the whole community & we want to create a space for all work/life design stages

But if we haven't met before... let's connect over message! Use the links above to reach out.

I'm from a different timezone. Can I join? 

Yes! Feel free to register. Then in the email you can "add to calendar". This will drop it straight into your diary!

Otherwise check out World Time Buddy to find your timezone.

I can't join the time. Will it be recorded?

Because of the private nature of this chat, the session will not be recorded. Don't worry, we will get you the invite for the next one!

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