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Dial In

5-week group program to redefine how you work on your terms

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This is for people who want work to be a rewarding challenge,
but not your whole life. 

Who want work to be healthier and more productive than ever, without the guilt and without the “always on” culture.


When work slowly absorbs more of your time and more of your energy, without you consciously choosing it.


It is like “scope creep” in a project. It seems clear enough at the beginning. Then as the project goes on the amount of work seems to get more, not less. The goalposts are blurry at best (if they exist at all). You have no idea if you are on track.


Work creep is the same. It may start small. An email checked here, a late evening there. That’s just the job, right?


Until slowly you find work creeping into places you do not want it creepin’. It can be the obvious culprits: longer hours or constant notifications. But it is also your thoughts. Your energy.


Thinking about work, worrying about work, constantly feeling you have to “be across things”, or that you are getting behind.


It's simple.


Is your work taking more energy or more time than you want to give it?

Then it's work creep.

You can be in a senior executive role or a grad position. Working 30 hours a week or 60 hours. This isn’t about what you do for work, or how much you work.

It's about how much you choose to work. It's the way you choose to work.


It's probably not something you have consciously chosen in a while. Let’s fix that.


Your work day inspires and challenges you... and so does the rest of your life.


You have time and energy to deliver work that has a real impact on others, at the same time as progressing your career. You have the headspace and creativity to think of these high-impact projects in the first place.


During the work day, you feel productive, challenged, accomplished, and in flow. You create space in your calendar and block out time to focus on key tasks.


You have time to intentionally build relationships, knowing this makes you good at your job. You don’t take things as seriously, and you have a bit of fun!


You have a clear boundary at the end of work, which you honour and communicate easily with others. You turn off your notifications at a set time each day, guilt-free.


You feel more control because you have a plan for managing the unpredictable. Last-minute requests, urgent tasks, emergencies, and everything else that arises in your job has a process you can follow so they feel more manageable.


Time outside of work is rich and filled with other connections, other ideas, and other priorities. You may even have some creative energy left over: to start the oil painting, play some music, or finally start researching that business idea you have been noodling on.


Work is not your life. It is one fulfilling and intentionally-designed part.


Now, I could give you a ream of doom-and-gloom reasons about why you should start caring about this now. How you are probably getting more busy not less, working longer, and experiencing fatigue, burnout, and experiencing huge strains on our mental health at alarming rates.


But you know this. You feel this.


I feel it too. ✋ The constant pressure to be “on top of things”, “across things”, and whatever else one is supposed to do with the “things”.


And I’m consciously choosing to let some of it go. To deliberately let go of many of how I “should” work and live, and start doing it on my terms.


The world is also in a pretty damn good place to start making changes, too. Your job might have had some pretty strict rules before about being in the office, which are out of the window right now.


So, why not now? Why not start making changes in how you work that feel good? That you chose? That take things off your plate, rather than more things just creepin’ on.


If you have ever dreamt of negotiating (or just simply doing) work in a different way, now is a damn good time for it.


Changes in structure like part time, flex time, remote work.


Changes in ways of working like availability, focus time, stupid unproductive meetings.


The way you work is not fixed. Make it how you actually want to be working.


You deserve to feel dialled in at work. To feel energised. And to switch off when you choose. To have balance, growth, security, and freedom.

This is a 5 week program designed with you in mind.


Instead of trying to do this at your own pace, the time is carved out for you.


There isn’t homework to do. Just time each week to learn and start applying to your life straight away.



... and you will be in great company.😉


Get the support and energy that only comes with a group.


Sharing your experience with other passionate and growth-focused people as you dial in together.


Each week, we’ll meet for group coaching.
The meeting is a 90-minute session per week for 5 weeks.

Week 1 - Unlock

Learn your own patterns of working and how to dial in to a new level of what is possible. Not in some magical far-off time where you have no other responsibilities. You, in your life, dialling in to how you actually want to be working.

  • Honestly assess how you are currently working and identify the points of friction, unsustainability, and lack of energy.

  • Use our signature visualisation method to craft your clear aim for how you want to be working - on your terms. 

Week 2 - Tactics

Shortcut your path to change with practical tactics you can start using straight away to change how you work. 

  • Learn our #1 time management tactic so you can manage your commitments and get done what matters to you in a week (including exercise, quality time, or whatever else is in your design).

  • ​Formula for making shifts that you stick to, and that brings you back on track if you lose momentum..

  • ​Become the master of your notifications, rather than them controlling you.

  • Create a plan for changes in how you work that you will experiment with over the next 2 weeks.

Week 3 - Mindset

Stop trying to wrestle with your willpower by focusing only on changing your behaviour. Learn your key mindset shifts that will shift how you think about your role and work into something that gives you more control and more decision-making power.

  • Create your own urgency: define the best result if you succeed, and the cost if you don't take action.

  • Re-write your current stories that keep you working in the same way. Step into your dialled-in mindset, so you have more freedom to do work on your terms.

Week 4 - Coaching Session

By this point we have covered a LOT of ground. There is nothing to "learn" this week. 

  • Accountability check-in: how your experiment is going

  • Receive live coaching on where you are stuck: mindset, tactics, belief.

  • ​See others be coached in their own blocks & how they might be relevant to your own journey

Week 5 - Move Beyond

Get real about the challenges and blocks you have, so you can consciously move past them. Learn how to sustain your own energy and stay dialled in.

  • ​Get coached on areas where you are still feeling stuck, you are settling, or you are playing small.

  • ​Dial in again to work on your terms, and how to sustain this aim as you move beyond the program.

  • ​Create boundaries around how you work and also your energy. Find a place where work energises you, and you are investing exactly what you choose. No more ‘work creep’. 

  • ​Get coached on areas where you are still feeling stuck, you are settling, or you are playing small.


This is your chance to hit the reset button and make changes, no matter how you are currently working or how different that is from your goal. This is not a pile of theory for you to learn. If you’ve been craving hands-on transformation and support from others, this your invitation 😉

You’ll engage in practical exercises and group discussion and learn to apply these proven principles in your life, starting immediately. And each week, you’ll have the warm support of group and peer coaching to keep you focused and on track.


Together, we’ll smash through the mental blocks that stop us all from making effective change in our lives and truly dialling in to how we want to work.


We’ve carefully designed this program with change in mind, which is why the entire process is built around taking action.


This isn’t like a book or seminar where you learn something once & then don’t implement it. We are with you every step of the way, and you have the support from others you’ll meet on the same journey.


As a result, you’ll begin to make meaningful changes to your work and habits immediately.


And, with group and peer coaching, we’ll be there to make sure you never get stuck making or sticking to those changes.


Ready to dial in?




Including GST. Price in AUD

4 x weekly deep-dive workshops, 90 mins

1 x hot seat coaching session, 90 mins

Private community group

All virtual. Join from anywhere

BONUS: Library of 50+ tactics you can access straight away to start shifting how you work


Belinda, People Administrator

After struggling to find motivation and having a continual cycle of not moving from my desk, yet at the same time, not being productive either, I knew something had to change.


The issue was, like a lot of people, I couldn't quite put my finger on that change or what it looked like.


Then came the recommendation to Work Well Warriors Dial In, and that's where it all started.


Thanks to the team, through a few key techniques, coaching sessions, and continual support sessions, I saw a mind and behavioural shift that had a massive impact. In retrospect, this is much easier said than done!


The effect not only changed my work life, but I started to see a shift in my personal life habits too.


I would highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling stagnate, not in control, unmotivated, anxious or feeling the need to change.


Thank you again Work Well Warriors!

Chloe, Global Director

Steph has started Work Well Warriors - and I couldn't think of a better way for Steph to have such an incredible impact on the world.

I was part of WWW's first cohort and picked up so many tips, tricks and ways of working, as well as having really profound realisations through the activities, exercises and group discussions we had.

As we continue in this not-so-new normal, I highly recommend following Work Well Warriors and signing up for a future program - you won't regret it! 

Holly, Senior Customer Strategist

I reached out for help after moving into a new role, so my situation is changing. Have been working from home since Covid and looking for ways to refresh my behaviour.

My highlight from the program was hearing from others about their experiments in week 3 - both successes and failures as this gave me more things to consider for myself.

Another overarching high point was the level of curated knowledge that we covered - it came through quite strongly for me that these tools, tactics etc. are tried and tested and the content incredibly well thought out.

I chose this program to learn from the expert! It felt manageable, fun and energising. It’s a well informed course all round with a great facilitator. Now we have more tools to lean on and try out!

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