A short note from us - 

You deserve to be lit up by your life. 

To create. To change.

You can do new & uncomfortable things.

That is thrilling. That is life. 

You love to learn. To experiment.

You have so much magic to bring when you get out of your own way.

You've got this.


💚 Work Well Warriors team



P.S. from Steph -

These words come from a reminder note I wrote to myself.

Of what it means to do life on my terms... and how fun are notes to yourself?!

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doing work & life on your terms

(and figuring out what that even is)

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You get to design how you work.

How you do life.

To set boundaries and establish new patterns.

You don't need to "know" what the full picture is before you start.

Let's be real... most of us don't.

Take your threads and turn them into action so you CAN figure it out and experience work & life on your terms.

Small Actions To Start Now



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We have some really cool offers when you are ready to invest in yourself and get support. You get to accelerate time & get unstuck.

Our programs combine activation energy with practical tools. Where action and growth happens during the program not someday maybe.

“Working with Steph and the Work Well Warriors team helped me realise that working on my own terms isn’t just about how I show up now, it’s about where I want to be in the future too.

Shortly after completing the program, I made the decision to go back to Uni again and start the journey toward being a psychologist.

I love what I do now, but I realised it isn’t what I want to do forever by working out what mattered to me and what working on my terms meant.”


Hi there!

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​I'm Stephanie Brien - call me Steph. I lead the Work Well Warriors team.

I help growth-focused humans get unstuck and find new possibilities. To explore work & life on your terms... then ground that in practical tools you can use day-to-day.

​I did all the things I was "supposed" to. Studying business, psychology, and writing a thesis on motivational theories.

The job I landed in was great... until it wasn't. Burning out, experiencing complete mental exhaustion until I had nothing left to give. I wish this story wasn't so common.


But it meant that I started to experiment. To step outside of the normal "rules" of work & life and started to explore. On my terms. 

Taking a sabbatical 9 months into a role. Negotiating a 4 day week. Then shifting to part time while building this company & community. 

I'm here to help you find your own direction for work & life on your terms.  Whatever that looks like for you. 

To guide you with a blend of playfulness and ease, backed with structure and tools.


I can't wait to connect ✨


💚 Steph

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